Become an
International Coordinator

One step to being an International Coordinator

Who can be an International Coordinator? If you are an educator or a teacher, or a state alumni, and if are connected with potential teachers and have a strong network of schools, colleges or universities, then you can apply for International Coordinator for IOELL. 

What is the prime job of an international coordinator? An international coordinator will be conducting the national round of IOELL under his/her country. The international coordinator will be deemed as the head of the working committee of the International Olympiad on English Language & Leadership (IOELL). His/her prime responsibility will be to team up with potential teachers, educators and learners of his/her country, form a team, successfully coordinate and  complete the national round of IOELL and finally, bring the selected team to the main event. 

If you have any questions regarding the responsibilities, opportunities and benefits of being an International Coordinator, contact us below.

Attach your Curriculum Vitae (CV) in the Browse Option below. It is to be noted that, CV must be attached, or else the IOELL working committee will not accept your proposal.