International Olympiad on English Language & Leadership - 2020 (Virtual)

Theme- Educational Development

Event Date: December 2020, Venue: Nepal

IOELL is the first ever International Olympiad for students of primary, secondary, higher secondary and tertiary level of education where the competencies of language learning is tested along with the various aspects of leadership skills such as presentation, critical thinking, problem solving, impromptu speaking, etc.

This year, the entire Olympiad is going to be held Online with the help of platforms such as Zoom, StreamYard and Google Meet.


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IOELL has worldwide recognition and participants from far and wide take part in this every year.

Participating Countries

Constantly, schools and colleges are getting involved to participate in IOELL

Participating Countries

Till now, enthusiats from a total of 18 countries have signed up

Assessment Questions

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IOELL is a one-of-a-kind platform where English language gets blended with different aspects of leadership. Through the rigorous rounds of assessments in IOELL, you will be able to test your language competencies in written, speaking, listening and reading in English. And the modules of assessments are planned in such a way which incorporates different leadership aspects such as problem solving, presentation, critical thinking and impromptu speaking, etc. to the writing, reading, speaking and listening tests. Such a time-responsive schedule and scope exposes the participants to different extents which brings the best out of them.

Objectives of IOELL

Categories of Participants

  • Classes 3-5

  • Classes 6-8

  • Classes 9-10

  • Classes 11-12

  • University Students (undergraduate)

Assessment Criteria

Preliminary Round

Two aspects of language learning, namely Listening and Written will be assessed in this round. Aspects of leadership such as problem solving, critical thinking will be included in the written and listening assessments, thus testing your leadership attributes in the first place!

Intensive Round

In this high voltage round, the participants will experience different sets of assessments which incorporates written and speaking skills with presentation, critical thinking, crisis handling, contingency planning and problem solving skills. Assessments vary on the basis of participants' categories.

Glimpses of IOELL 2019

(Hanoi, Vietnam)

Important Info

IOELL covers unique marking and ranking methodologies which takes all the skills (writing, speaking, listening, and reading) into account.

Marking Strategy

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How to Participate?

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This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire Olympiad will be taken virtually (online) with the preferred platforms being Zoom, StreamYard or Google Meet. In order to learn how to take part in the International Olympiad on English Language & Leadership (IOELL) 2020, click on the following button.

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